Premium Face Mask With N95 Filter - Pink

Closefitting, ultra-comfortable face mask that provides protection from a multitude of microscopic toxins by the replaceable N95 filter


  • Excellent breathability
  • Washable at 40°C and dries quickly. The filter should be removed prior to washing
  • Soft, easily adjustable straps to fit most sizes
  • The filter will last 1 month, depending on usage


  • Every mask is made from ECONYL®, an ecological Nylon that engineers problem plastics into fashion materials. It is  ultra-comfortable to wear and can itself be recycled
  • The face mask is packaged in a sealed biodegradable plastic
  • All other packaging used is recycled paper and cardboard


What's Included:

  • 1 Mask
  • 1 Removable N95 filter inserted in the mask

Premium Face Mask With N95 Filter - Pink

SKU: 202007001
  • The Mask:

    The mask has a 3-layered closefitting design:

    • The two outer layers are made of ECONYL® (78% recycled polyamide and 22% elastane), an activewear material that is very breathable, is washable at up to 40 degrees and dries quickly.
    • The reusable N95 filter sits inside the 2 outer layers of the mask, and is inserted through the inside pocket. It must be removed before washing. Please see below for further informaiton.
    • The straps are made of the same ECONYL® material as the mask, to give ultra-soft straps that will not hurt the skin around your ears. The straps have a metal slider for adjusting their length.

    The Filter:

    The N95 filter removes over 95% of all particles of at least 0.3 microns in diameter. Therefore the N95 filter provides excellent protection from all airborne particles and pathogens.

    • Two-way filtration
    • Improved protection through nose clip
    • Replacement filters are available for purchase
    • The filter is reusable. If you suspect that the filter may have come into contact with pathogens, it can be left out for 72 hours in a clean, warm, and dry environment before reusing.