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The Sustainable Choice

THYRA Ltd's Founder Solveig Starovic


- Available in 5 colours:

- XL version available

- Strengthened nose clip for a closer fit around the nose

- Two pockets for easier access to the filter


It's no secret - our aim is to make the sustainable choice the main choice. We are expanding our sustainable product range soon!

THYRA Ltd's Founder Solveig Starovic


THYRA face coverings are a sustainable solution without compromise. When choosing a THYRA product, you are making a stand to use and promote sustainable products over disposable ones. For our part, we promise to deliver products made with passion and care, for you to wear knowing that this has been made for your comfort, style and values in life.


Our face coverings are made from ECONYL®, made from recycled plastics that have been regenerated into a new nylon material. It is a circular material because it can itself be recycled back into new ECONYL®. It therefore reduces the pollutive impact of creating nylon by 90% compared to nylon made from oil.  

A key source of ECONYL®, amongst others, is ghost fishing nets. These are harvested by a network of fishermen and volunteer diver organisations coordinated by Healthy Seas to collect, clean and transport the nets to Slovenia where they are remade into ECONYL® yarn. In 2019, Ghost Fishing UK harvested more than 1 tonne of nets and Richard Walker (Chairman of Ghost Fishing UK) reported that about 85% of that material was regenerated into ECONYL®

THYRA Ltd Sustainable Face Coverings


- We are proud to have made donations to Masks for NHS Heroes and the Poole Domestic Abuse Project at BCHA

- Donations from our sales in the UK now go to Ghost Fishing UK and in Europe are made to Medecins Sans Frontieres

- Solveig joined Keep Britain Tidy's Pledge to Pick in Poole.


THYRA Ltd is committed to offer material differences by delivering an affordable and sustainable choice for consumers looking to maintain their values by making quality choices that reflect their love for our environment.

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